Rihanna <3 Mac Fall Collection: RiRi Woo

I have been dying for this collection to come out ever since they mentioned it! Rihanna collaborated with Mac and got this Fall collection out and as per news, it’s the fastest sold collection they’ve ever had. If I didn’t get this now, I can never get it ever again because it is Limited Edition. And for your information, I LOVE RIHANNA!! I had to get this collection no matter what! It got out in September end in the US stores and I was so sad that it’s coming to India in a few months, but it finally did and VOILA! 😀 Couldn’t get my hands on a few things because it was sold out before I got there. 😦 But it’s alright, I got most of it. So let’s get started!

The Packaging for this collection is custom designed by Rihanna and Mac. All the products have a baby pink and rose gold finish with her signature on it. The main attraction for this collection is the signature red lipcolor that Rihanna likes. It’s called RiRi Woo.

Left to Right: RiRi Woo lipglass, RiRi Woo lipstick, RiRi Woo pro longwear lip pencil.

RiRi Woo comes as a Lipstick, Lipglass and a lip pencil. The lipstick is a Retro Matte finish which is a super matte formula. The red has a blue undertone. There absolutely no shine to it. It applies really smoothly. The pigmentation is strong. And it stays on for a really long time. A dupe for this is Ruby Woo which is in the permanent line.

The lipglass which is the gloss is very pigmented too. I feel like it has a bit of a berry flavor/smell to it. You can top it off on the lipstick which will give you a glamorous glow or you can also wear it on its own.

A red lipstick always need a lip liner to have that perfect outline of the lips. This ones a Pro Longwear Lip Liner. It outlines the lip and makes your lipstick long lasting. A dupe for this one is Cherry by Mac.

Without flash.
With flash.

I hope you got your hands on these, if you didn’t then wait for her Holiday Collection with will be out this December. This is a Limited Edition, all the items in the collection have a higher price than usual. When the availability is low the price has to be up, right? Haha. 5/5.

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