RiRi Collection: Eyebrows

Defining your eyebrows can make a big deference to the way you look. I like well defined eyebrows. The Collection had two pencils: Deep Brunette and Deep Dark Brunette.

The pencil is good. Does last long and it also has a spoolie on one end which a lot of eyebrow pencils don’t have.

This is a Veluxe Brow Liner in the shade Deep Brunette. The deference is that the Deep Brunette in the permanent collection and the RiRi collection are totally different. RiRi’s Deep Brunette is more like Strawberry blonde from the permanent line. It is a light blonde brown color. The Deep Brunette from the permanent line is much darker. That one is more blackish brown.

Deep Dark Brunette in the permanent line is more of a Dark Chocolaty brown. The one from RiRi’s collection was a tad bit lighter than this one. I really didn’t get it. They name it Deep Brunette but its nothing like a brunette!

Without flash.
With flash.

What would you call this color? Brunette or Blonde? I think Mac really messed it up with this one. 2/5.

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