RiRi Collection: Eyeshadows

The Collection comes with two eyeshadow palettes: Her Cocoa and Smoked Cocoa. A lot of Rihanna’s eye makeup have these shades in them. She likes makeup that is comfortable where she can go out and be natural.

Her Cocoa is a neutral brown palette. The packaging is rose gold as you know. Comes with four shades. The pigmentation in this palette is not as much as I thought it would be. I think they could have given one more matte color because it’s all very shimmery.

Retrospect: (Luster) golden bronze.
Whisper Peach: (Satin) peachy beige.
Woodwinked: (Veluxe Pearl) golden bronze.
Mulch: (Velver) chocolate bronze.

Without flash.
With flash.

The other palette is a set of darker shades. Four shades as you can see. This palette will give you a more smokey effect. Great for an evening out. The pigmentation in this is more than in Her Cocoa. This one had two matte shades which I like.

Shroom: (Satin) shimmery beige
Copperplate: (Matte2) Multed, mid tone grey.
Black Tied: (Velvet) Black with silver sparkle.
Nehru: (Matte) Dark, bluish black.

Without flash.
With flash.

Love both these palettes! They are absolutely wonderful and definitely Rihanna. All of these shades are in the permanent line. Although, I did hear that the eyeshadows are not the same as the ones in the permanent line. That they are a little less pigmented. I can’t say anything on that because I don’t have the same shades from the permanent line but if you find a difference then do let me know. 5/5.

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