RiRi Collection: Lipsticks

Left to Right: Who’s That Chick, Nude.

The Collection had four lipsticks altogether. Sadly I couldn’t get my hands on Talk That Talk which is a deep purply red. I was too late. 😥 But I got these two.

Who’s That Chick is a frost finish which is a very sheer sparkly  lipstick. It obviously has a gloss to it. This color is orange. The Mac artist told me to wear a nude lipliner all over my lips before  wear this color so that the orange pops out. Then again you can wear it all on its own. I didn’t find this lipstick very long-lasting. I had to apply it over again in about 2 hours. It is not pigmented at all. But I wanted to get it because it’s by Rihanna.. so yeah.

Nude is a matte finish. Which I absolutely love. I’m not into gloss all that much. It is a pinky nude color. This lipstick isn’t as drying as a lot of other matte lipsticks are. It’s a perfect nude for any skintone, even for darker skin like mine. It is long-lasting, pigmented and very smooth.

Without flash.
With flash.

Talk That Talk unfortunately was out, but Nightmoth lip liner pencil is the same color as Talk That Talk. So I might go in and get it. The prices as I said is a little higher than usual as it’s a Limited Edition. 5/5.

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