Lush Sea Vegetable Soap

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Soap. Seem old school? Absolutly not!

Have you ever tried Lush’s handmade soaps? They are just the most sweet smelling soaps you’ll ever find. And they are handmade. This ones called Sea Vegetable. It’s made from seaweed and sea salt. What lush does is, they have a huge chuck of soap and they cut it acording to how much you want. The minimum is 100gms. They then wrap it in buterpaper and stick a lable on it. Cool right?

Sea Vegitable soap is very fresh and oceany. This one bar of soap goes a long way. It just never gets over. I think that’s mostly because this ones not a creamy soap. It doesn’t later up much either, but it does the work. The soap has actual dried seaweed mixed. So it helps you scrub your body and expoliate. It leaves your skin feeling smooth after the wash. The soap needs to be stored in a container or else it loses its scent a little. And also it is more hygenic to store your soap.

Here is a video by Lush on how they manufacture Sea Vegetable soap. Click Here!

If you haven’t tried it, go try it! And tell me what other soaps you like. 5/5

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