Shopping Online

I love online shopping! Like duh! Total shopaholic here!

Sooo.. What I thought was that I should post a couple of sites for you’ll to check out if you’ll haven’t already. These are the sites I usually shop from, so I can guaranty you that they are pretty good.

Even though I love online shopping, there are some things that are totally annoying, like shipping cost! Who likes that, right? But when you can just sit at home, buy what you want and just make it land on your doorstep, it’s just perfect. Most of my shopping is just clothing, shoes, beauty and hair products. Here are some of the sites I recommend you:-


I have to say that these sites offer products less than the actually price you get in the stores. So you are practically saving a whole lot by shopping online. Down side is that you can’t see or feel the product physically before you buy them, and when you don’t like the product you have to send it back following the return policies.

Where do you shop from? I would love to try out some new online stores.
Let me know in the comments! 😛

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