Josie Maran Argan Oil Light

Taking you back to the beginning of all the face and body oils; when Jose Maran came up with her own line of Argan oil. Sourced from Africa, this oil can’t get any better. It’s PURE argan oil!

Argan oil is known for its’ many benefits like, antioxidant qualities, reduces inflammation and skin rashes. It also tones your skin and leaves it moisturised. Josie Maran has two types of oil, ones the regular and the light formula. I preferred the light formula. I thought the oil would be really greasy and not get absorbed into the skin, but I was totally wrong. The oil is pretty light and gets absorbed in about an hour. It’s fragrance free and colourless. This step is the last in my night time skincare routine.

The argan oil can also be used with your conditioner or hair mask. How cool is that?

Now that I’ve tried it for couple of months, I think I’ll go in for the bigger bottle. 5/5

Have you tried face oils? Tell me in the comments below.

Goa | Summertime

Made a short weekend trip to Goa in the month of May. It’s been long long long overdue for uploading these photos. *monkey hiding eyes emoticon* hehe. Oh well, here it is! 🙂

Had fun filming with my GoPro, which was rented from EazyLeazy.

Bye bye Mumbai!

Air Vistara is pretty good. 🙂

Oh beautiful Mumbai…

Hello Airbnb Goa…

When it’s hot outside…

Cafe de Goa

House of Lloyds


Much needed pool time! 😛

Cafe Artjuna

Jazz Corner


St. Anthony’s

Thalasa Goa

I could just sit here all day…


Hello Wolfy!

Aditya cooked breakfast for all of us! 😀

Eggs and Guinness! The perfect breakfast. ❤

And then the trip ended…

Back home.

Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream

Waited so long to get my hands on this! And finally, I found a website which had a good discount. As amazing this brand is, Aesop is also very expensive.

I was in need of a new night time moisturiser, so I got the Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream. It comes in a glass bottles, which is not travel friendly as it is breakable and heavy. But the smell of this cream, absolutely amazing! It’s the most citrusy-citrus smell you could think of. A little is enough for the whole face. I do use it sparingly as it’s very expensive. It’s not a very greasy cream, but you can still feel it on your skin when you wake up in the morning. It leaves your skin hydrated and plump.

I do wish this brand was more widely available and less expensive. The packaging could be more lightweight. 3.5/5

MoroccanOil Treatment Light

IMG_2789IMG_2797IMG_2799Moroccan Oil Treatment is one of my favourite hair serums I’ve bought so far. I used the original serum last time, you can read about it here. This time I bought the ‘Light’ version.

The ‘Light’ version is just a lighter oil than the original. This oil is not like the regular hair oil, like coconut oil. It’s more of a serum you use after you wash your hair. You directly apply this on your hair when it’s still damp. This gives you a little shine and helps prevent split ends.

The product smells absolutely amazing. I love the smell. But I there’s really not much deference than the original formula. Maybe it’s just a wee bit lighter and runnier than the original serum. It does the same thing. Maybe if your hair is too thin then maybe you would want to use this, rather than the original formula.


Left: Light formula, Right: Original formula.


The bottle comes closed with the bottle cap, along with the pump. The bottle is not travel friendly as it is in glass. It’s a heavy bottle to carry around. They do have a small travel bottle which you can buy for travel purposes and keep refilling. The small bottle doesn’t come with a pump. The Morrocanoil is not easily available here in India yet, but you can find it online. 4/5.

Get Ready With Me | Winter Minimal Look

Diversity in Mumbai City

Went to a place called Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai. The meaning of ‘Dhobi’  means washerman, while ‘Ghat’ in Hindi means a place where one can sit and wash clothes. ‘Dhobi Ghat’ simply means a place where a washerman can wash clothes.
Here are some of the photos I clicked. 🙂

Also, one of my favourite film is called ‘Dhobi Ghat’ by Kiran Rao. Staring Amir Khan, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra and Prateik Babbar. It revolves around 4 characters and their lives. If you like arty kinda films, then this ones a must watch. 🙂

Christmas Makeup Tutorial